7 Must-Know Tips for Best Silent Auction Items To Engage Your Donors!

Silent Auction Item Ideas

Silent auctions hold many opportunities to gain long-term supporters, and it is your job to create a fun and exciting event that they will remember. Let’s discover the best silent auction ideas to engage your donors!

1. Childcare and Pet Sitting

At some point, parents rely on childcare when working, running errands, or going on dates. Not only is childcare expensive, but you will need a reliable company to offer quality services. Attendees will find a best silent auction items childcare package highly appealing because they can get nanny services at a discounted rate.

Let’s not forget pet care! Remember each time you wanted to go away for the weekend and either changed plans or struggled to find someone to care for your furbabies? Pet sitting is becoming a trend best silent auction items as pet owners rely on their trusted pet sitters to manage their four-legged friends while away. When looking for a local pet-sitting company, ensure they are insured and licensed before offering it as an item for auction.

2. Boat Cruise

What is better than a cruise? There are unlimited food and unique cuisine choices that you can switch up with every meal, and the entire experience is jam-packed with adventure. Show attendees that going on a cruise to a remote destination will create lasting memories for them and their loved ones. In addition, cruises have onboard casinos, mini-golf, swimming pools, climbing walls, and child care so that the adults can play too! Who could resist this silent auction idea?

3. Streaming Services

Streaming services have blown up recently, but they can break the bank when you have too many. Offer year subscriptions to attendees who love to binge-watch their favorite TV shows and save themselves money on streaming service costs.

Streaming services to offer as an auction item include:

  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • SlingTV
  • HBO Max
  • FuboTV

4. Staycation Supplies

Don’t we all love a night in? Instead of a spa day, create a package with staycation supplies. Auction attendees can enjoy a collection of their favorite rom-com or action films with a DVD collection, a cozy robe, fuzzy slippers, crossword puzzles, popcorn, and chocolates.

Again, you can bundle staycation supplies with date night or hobby kits to keep the item’s winner busy all weekend long for their staycation!

5. Air Fryer and Recipe Book

Not everyone likes to spend hours in the kitchen for a good meal. As a unique auction item, have an air fryer, crockpot, and recipe book so the person can make quick and delicious meals from home. Air fryers let you crisp food, heat leftovers, and cook frozen food quickly. It is also a healthy option for those who enjoy fried food without the extra calories from grease.

Go one step further and combine the air fryer and recipe book with a cooking gift basket to maximize the bid!

6. Landscaping

Here is one for those who rarely have free time on their hands to get their landscape in tip-top shape. Landscaping companies may donate their cleanup and maintenance services to your nonprofit. So many people don’t have time each weekend to get the lawn mowed, weeds pulled, and shrubs trimmed. It will take a significant burden off the winner’s hands, and your auction may even end up in a bidding war with such a popular item.

7. Free Dry Cleaning & Chores

Everyone has something they want dry cleaned, whether suites or living room drapes. This gives you the perfect opportunity to approach your local dry cleaner to donate their services to one lucky winner for a few months or longer.

Ensure you get all the details confirmed, such as how many garments the winning bidder can have laundered per visit and the number of drop-offs allowed.

Additionally, you can get a few volunteers and coworkers to form a chore team, whose time can be auctioned for chore services during a set period. If your newly formed chore team is willing to donate more time, you can have more than one session available for auction.

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